ROBOT vs Human Salt-Weighing Challenge

ロボット VS 人間 さじ加減対決


Human Awareness | 人づくり Environment | 環境づくり

February 21 – 24, 2019 @Tokyo Midtown


AIが可能にした “臨機応変な適応力” とロボットならではの “正確性” を分かりやすく伝えるため、だれでも参加できる、ロボット vs 人間 のさじ加減対決を設計。



Awareness | 人づくり



We refashioned the amazing COBOTTA performance: measurement of salt by multi-modal AI, to a playful and interactive demonstration at “School of the Future Festival” in Tokyo Midtown.

COBOTTA is collaborative arm-robot developed by DENSO, and its integration with deep learning gave it ‘flexible adaptability‘ in addition to ‘measuring accuracy’. We devised participatory Human-Robot competition as a means to simply convey the complex idea of “Robot x AI capability” to kids and families.

The dueling excites both challengers and audiences whether or not they are familiar with technologies. People spontaneously start learning of robots, with its specialty and weakness.

Awareness | 人づくり

By performing identical task together with robot, people get to understand instinctively how robot learns certain behavior, and how machine learning supports robot to perform optimal action.

Tangible experience helps people to improve robot literacy, and mitigate the common fear of AI taking over human jobs, instead, it allows people to think how we should utilize technologies wisely by knowing advantage and disadvantage of the technology.

We produced special table in smooth and open design to remove physical and emotional barrier for everyone, still putting safety as the highest consideration. Competition setting also suggested people not to interrupt robot while it is moving, that was also designed to keep people safe without instruction.