How Mobility can Enrich Our Life in the Future


INSPIRATION LECTURE | インスピレーションレクチャー

January 2019 @Nagoya, Japan

モビリティ城下町の名古屋で開催された、Future Center Alliance Japanのプログラムにて、アートxテクノロジーx社会の観点から未来のモビリティを考える、というテーマで講演を行いました。


斬新な目線からモビリティにアプローチしている様々なクリエイターの作品を通じて、既存の常識に囚われない発想をインプット。人とモビリティを繋ぐ新しいlanguage(言語)を作るプロジェクトを通じて、モノづくり業界で見過ごされやすい“人/社会とモビリティを繋ぐ関係性のデザイン”にArtやSocial Scienceの視点が有効であることなどを紹介しました。


Awareness | 人づくり


Future Center Alliance Japan invited us to its study session held at Nagoya, mecca for mobility industry in Japan. CEO Shoko Takahashi gave a lecture to invite people to think of future mobility from different vantage point; art, technology, and society.

The session attracted more than sixty participants from public and private sectors on that area, showing high interest to the theme.

The lecture covered some notable media-art projects with creative approach that challenges conventional concept of ‘Mobility’. Project like devising new language between human and mobility, exemplified how Art |Social Science perspective could contribute to build social relationship that bridges emerging-technology and society, despite those fields has been often underrated in industry-wide technocentrism.

Shoko also joined as mentor for the latter workout session to conceptualize city-life in 2050 with future mobility.

Awareness | 人づくり

We encourage industries to think of future mobility, i.e. autonomous vehicle, not as single device filled with advanced technologies, but as one important component of society; a part of human life.

The view lead us to see the inevitable dynamic social interaction between human and mobility, and this lecture is meant to be a wake-up call for people to be aware that, we need to design new relationship as a package of environment, human awareness, and new-model-of-device with business model that can accommodate all of these factors. That is the key to increase acceptability for autonomous vehicle.