Interactive learning experience with robots



Summer 2020 @Fukushima, Japan





Prototype | モノづくり


Awareness | 人づくり


“Walking MechatroWeGo(*)” is a robot for coding education at elementary schools which became mandatory in Japan.

Living Robot Inc. and incubion worked together to develop the robot and e-learning program so that children enjoy learning while parents and educators can teach coding concept without special knowledge.

“I want to see his dance!” “Can WeGo play soccer?” WeGo develops children’s curiosity. Playing with this small robot, coding turns into a tangible and exciting experience.

Our approach to use robots for youth education aims not only to offer children an opportunity to learn programming, but to foster the ability to consider how to use robots wisely.

*MechatroWeGo is a simple, cute, and heartwarming robot character created by a professional 3D model maker Kazushi Kobayashi. With the sales of figure and plastic model, it has grown in popularity in recent years. Comic version has released from Kodansha. Read more!

Prototype | モノづくり

It’s important to make product reasonable and accessible for users in the context in which it is used and bought. We focused on what makes WeGo attractive to children, securing learning effectiveness. By enabling personalization, we also succeeded in widening the target to adults who are interested in robots.

Awareness | 人づくり

You can manipulate robot by coding, but sometimes it doesn’t work as planned. We encourage people to think the cause may or may not be the robot. Instead, the environment or the way to use which we take for granted in human-only society might not fit to robot. Interactive learning experience with robots will bring new perspectives that are essential to solve problems in human-robot society.