How can we build our future with AI



November 2019 @Tokyo, Japan

日本科学未来館で行われたサイエンスアゴラ2019にて、トークセッションアゴラ市民会議『どんな未来を生きていく? ~AIと共生する人間とテクノロジーのゆくえ』にCEO高橋がスピーカーとして参加しました。







Awareness | 人づくり


Photo: 国立研究開発法人 科学技術振興機構 (JST)


CEO Shoko Takahashi attended the panel discussion, Agora Citizens Meeting – What kind of future will we live in? – held in Science Agora 2019, at Miraikan.

Science Agora is a platform for promoting dialogue between science and society opened to citizens.

How can we build our future with AI?

12 experts from different domains discussed over the question that most of citizens are curious about.

Shoko brought up this topic to the discussion; we cannot sit still and wait while technology is changing our lives because technology itself does not solve any problem. We need an effort to rebuild culture, social rules and behavioral patterns that leads us to better living with AI.

The world of AI waiting ahead of us is filled with possibilities. Art and experience design help developing curiosity and increasing awareness of issues behind that.

For mankind in 21st century, it is vital having an attitude to willingly accept unknown and create an open dialogue. Covering variety of topics from philosophy, neuroscience to Si-fi, the discussion went quite exciting inviting audience.

Awareness | 人づくり

Nowadays, we can find AI everywhere and it makes our lives easier. But at the same time, people are afraid that we will get controlled by it. In this panel discussion, citizens and specialists sit together to think of the relationship between AI and human. We hope this conversation would mitigate the fear and hesitation in life with AI.

Photo: Japan Science and Technology Agency
From left: Noboru Konno, Masaya Chiba, Shoko Takahashi, Yuri Nakao
More details about the panel discussion (written in Japanese): here