Robot-Inclusive Sidewalk



November 2 – 4, 2018 @Tokyo Midtown

次世代型電動車椅子WHILLと一緒に過ごす世界観を体験する機会を、東京ミッドタウンで行われたDESIGN TOUCH 2018 | PARK PACK イベントとの一つとしてデザインしました。




Awareness | 人づくり

会場のスタッフも業務で乗りこなし 、人々にとってWHILLとすれ違う経験を日常化することで、①一部の人の乗り物ではない認識を刷り込む ②WHILL = 便利で小回りがきく場面を目にする、といった、導入前の社会的/精神的なバリアを取り除く工夫を実施しました。


Prototype | モノづくり


We produced a 3-day trial event of WHILL : futuristic electric wheelchair, at Tokyo Midtown in DESIGN TOUCH 2018 | PARK PACK.

The trial course includes public sidewalk to blend in ordinary environment. The experience is designed for both local pedestrians and WHILL driver to spontaneously develop novel communication language, and we research how the community could accept new mobility in public space comfortably.

We provide feedback to robot/location provider about what kind of rule, infrastructure, and feature is necessary to build safe and trustworthy relationship between mobility and people in the future.

Awareness | 人づくり

To remove unconscious negative bias hidden in the community, staffs on-site were encouraged to use WHILL regularly, to create social impression that 1) it is designed for everyone, not only for disabled/elderly person 2) the new mobility is powerful and agile enough.

Racing circuit-like environmental design excites drivers, and encourage them to learn how to drive safely through well-designed tutorial zone. That suggests new way of safety communication design when we share public infrastructure with robot in near future.

Prototype | モノづくり

To investigate requirements for both environment and mobility to share public spaces, we conducted user interview, survey and observation, and provided feedback. We also placed collective opinion board to encourage the community to start dialogue to consider rules and literacy at the age we live together with robot.