Accompanying with AI crew mate at space (International Space Station)

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This summer, AI robot companion will challenge its first mission with German astronaut Alexander Gerst. German Space Administration (DLR) developed CIMON (Crew Interaction MObile Companion) to ISS, as astronaut assistant system, which aims at supporting success of long-term missions by encouraging smoother social interaction between people and machines.

The robot starts apprenticeship in helping extensive task of Alexander, such as experiment support, moreover in the future, CIMON, who can even talk with its digital face, is supposed to build relationship with humans, and expected to become a good countermeasure against psychological reactions within small group of ISS crews.

Won, sounds like C3-PO or JARVIS?? Truly it is!!

  • When: June to October 2018, in Horison mission by ESA
  • Where: International Space Station (map)
  • Robot:
    • Social interactive free-flying robots CIMON developed by Airbus
    • Sphere shape of 32cm diameter, approx 5kg, 1m/sec velocity
    • Equipped with 8 inch display, and camera, and IBM’s Watson technology
    • Providing visual guide/schematics/checklist for extensive tasks, chat companion that reduces stress
  • Eligibility: Can be colleague with astronaut working at ISS …Let’s be astronauts to meet CIMON!


Airbus Newsroom “Hello, I am CIMON!” 26th Feb, 2018
IBM THINK Blog “Watson Hops On Board Human Space Flight” 26th Feb, 2018
Video: Chris Burns “AIRBUS describes CIMON for the ISS and ESA”

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