Trusted associates supporting each other on backstage of Walmart (US)

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Walmart proved that good chemistry could happen between human workers and robots, after months of deployment of robots to its 50+ supermarket starting from October 2017.

The robot scan shelves to checks items out of stock, and human employees fill up goods based on the scanning data. Interestingly, it is employees who appreciate the robots at most, towering robots that diligently work on the boring, repetitive task without any complaint, and now human can concentrate on tasks which cannot be done by robots.

Some shoppers are curious, but almost half just ignore the it.

The experiment provides us intriguing insights that, we are not so much incompatible with robot in the workplace as often disputed, as long as we carefully define, what robots should do.

  • When: Already deployed since latter 2017
  • Where: more than 50+ Walmart stores in USA
  • Robot:
    • Developed by Bossa Nova Robotics
    • self-driving with LIDAR
    • 2D and 3D camera equipped
    • Shelve scanning


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