Enjoy personalized espresso served by robot arms

Enjoy personalized espresso served by robot arms

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Now fully digitalized cafe experience came in real at Harajuku, Tokyo where coffees are served without human interaction.  You talk to Pepper, tell it order, then wi-fi-connected Nescafe Barista i, and duAro -duo arm robot- will start preparing coffee with sweets. It will remember your face, and preferences, so that it can personalize your coffee next time. The cafe already introduced tablet ordering system, now enhanced its futuristic experience with combination of robots.

  • When: 16th November to 26th November 2017
  • Where:  Nescafe Harajuku, Tokyo Japan (map)
  • Robot:  Pepper by Softbank Robotics, Barista i   by Nestle Japan , duAro by Kawasaki Heavy Industry
    • Pepper: communicate with customer, indicate type/preference of coffee.  Voice & Facial recognition embedded.
    • Barista i: wi-fi connected, smartphone app controllable coffee machine
    • duAro: duo-arm robot designed to work in human environment. set and remove cup to Barista i
  • Eligibility:  Anyone who visited and ordered one drink/food at Nescafe Harajuku can ask to get one free coffee served by robots
  • Movie:  Look how it works


Nestle Japan Press Release “Nescafe, Pepper, duAro hospitality human-less cafe open at Harajuku”  10th Nov 2017
Robot Start “Communication robot and industrial robot now collaborating to serve coffee without human being” 16th Nov, 2017 Yoji Kanzaki
Bloomberg “Pepper works as Barista, KHI industrial robot supports – trial testing aims at human-less operation” 17th Nov, 2017  Kiyomori Matsuda

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