Whirling-bot helps you moving through a crowd in TOKYO

Whirling-bot helps you moving through a crowd in TOKYO

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Lovable whirling robot moves slowly guiding you at floor of crowded department store in Tokyo.  If you ask Siriusbot what you are looking for, the robot will show you tenants where you can find the goods, and if the shop is located on the same floor, it will guide you there. Optimized to crowded environment, it moves sheepishly to avoid collision, rotating its round shape, which nicely attracts visitors.

  • When:  13th Oct to 23th Oct, 2017  @Ikebukuro
    4th Nov to ?? Nov, 2017   @Ueno
  • Where:  5th floor PARCO Ikebukuro (map)
    PARCO_ya (map), TOKYO Japan
  • Robot:
    Siriusbot   (UNISYS , 08Works, PARCO)

    • Size:  approx 60cm radius, H: 94cm
    • Weight: 35kg
    • Speed: 6km/h max
    • Capability
      1) Guide customer to shop location (voice recognition/touch panel instruction)
      2) Help doing stocktaking with RFID tag
  • How to meet? : Visit PARCO!
  • Movie: See how it works


UNISYS press release “Multi-purpose robot Siriusbot will run trial operation at PARCO Ikebukuro, customer guide and inventory support” 16th Oct 2017
Japan Trends “Department store chain Parco develops retail robot Siriusbot to guide customers, do stocktaking” 18th Oct, 2017

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