Self-driving car delivers pizza with a human driver!!??

Self-driving car delivers pizza with a human driver!!??

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The unique experiment happening in Ann Arbor, MI, aims at monitoring customer behavior when driverless car delivers pizza in front of your poach. Driver won’t bother the sequence but watching what could happen when customers trying to take out pizzas from unmanned vehicle. User experience design matters as important as its technical functionality!

  • When: Several weeks from September 2017
  • Where: Ann Arbor, MI, USA (map)
  • What: Ford “Fusion Hybrid” Autonomous Research Vehicle
    • GPS vehicle tracking
    • Text messaging
    • Domino’s Heatwave Compartment TM in the rear seat
  • Eligibility: Randomly selected Domino’s customers in Ann Arbor


Ford’s press release “Domino’s® and Ford Begin Consumer Research of Pizza Delivery Using Self-Driving Vehicles” 29th Aug, 2017
MIT Technology Review”The Autonomous Pizza Delivery Experiment That Isn’t Autonomous At All? August 29th 2017 by Jamie Condliff


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