Growling ‘Super Monster Wolf’ guards rice fields

Growling ‘Super Monster Wolf’ guards rice fields

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Suffering from vermin?  A local farm-union in Japan decided to introduce robot wolf to drive off animals.  The combination of random LED colored eyes with variety of sound has proved its effectiveness for years.  Wanna try?

  • When:   from 11 July 2017
  • Where:  Kisarazu, Chiba Pref. Japan (map)
  • What:
    • Super Monster Wolf, made by Ota Seiki (web)
    • Size: 65cm long, 50cm height
    • Tech: Infrared radiation sensor, LED lights, speakers
    • Functions: animal detection, head movement, automatic blinking LED eyes, random sound play (growling, human voice, gunshot, etc)
    • On sale in September 2017, around 200,000JPY(1800USD)
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