AI-Android will welcome you at Japanese luxurious shopping mall

AI-Android will welcome you at Japanese luxurious shopping mall

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Shopping in Japan? The next trend might be making a pilgrimage to robots, rather than posh boutiques.  Let’s check out how far the human-shape robot can work.


  • When: from opening of the mall in late November 2017
  • Where: PRIMETREE AKAIKE shopping mall, Nisshin-city, Aichi   (map)
  • What:  “Actroid”
    • outlook: Android imitating human female concierge with uniform, with facial expression
    • interaction: voice recognition, speak 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
    • function: enable to verbally respond to some patterns of question
  • Eligibility: any shopper/visitor to the mall
Next to the Android, there will be tablet screen with similar female animation, which help shoppers to find where to buy what.


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Shojinsha Distribution Super News “PRIMETREE AKAIKE focuses on AI & food-coartyard” 19th July, 2017

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