Oops, excuse it! The Swiss Post’s new postman is getting on the tram!!

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You may be standing next to the self-delivery robot at tram station if you live in Berne, Köniz or Biberist, in Switzerland. Since Sep. 2016, Swiss Post has started testing delivery robot expecting commercial applications in three years at the earliest. It is not revealed yet the robots are traveling completely autonomous throughout the testing, though the iteration of challenges surely allow them behave wiser autonomously in near future.

  • When:  from Sep 2016
  • Where:  Berne (map), Köniz (map), Biberist (map), Switzerland
  • What:  Self-driving delivery robot by Starship Technologies
  • Eligibility:  currently the trial plan to deliver only dummy parcels!

More info

Swiss Post Press Release on 23 Aug. 2016 “Swiss Post to test self-driving delivery robots

Die POST, tweet on 23 Aug. 2016

Starship Technologies Press Release on 23 Aug. 2016 “Swiss Post joins Starship Technologies’ Robotic Delivery Testing Programme in Switzerland

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