Shoko Takahashi

Shoko Takahashi

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As product planner and business strategist, Shoko built her career in Honda Motor.  In ASIMO business development, she led several out-of-lab experiments in and out of Japan. She developed experience as a lead product manager of top-car models, and contributed to their success in competitive market. To attain the knowledge of social innovation, she switched career to engage in IoT social infrastructure renovation projects in Tokyo, London, Chicago. In 2016, Shoko launched incubion: social robotics laboratory, that aims at bridging technology and society to bring them into a better life.

Majored in competitive strategy at Hitotsubashi University. 1st place winner of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp program Class3 in 2016. Also worked at Ars Electronica Futurelab as creative producer.

Passionate about robots, both in real and SiFi.  Nature lover always wanting to return Austrian and Canadian forests.


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