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With OSHbot in San Jose, you’ll never get lost in stores!

It has been a year since 2 robotic shopping assistants were introduced for test-run in California store, meaning they do their job at least OK.  No plan of US nationwide installation yet, so you must go and visit the store, to make sure how the robots are working smoothly!  It’ll come to Japan in this May. Wait for details!

  • When:  7:00am – 9:00pm weekday, store opening hours
  • Where: Orchard Supply Hardware San Jose – Midtown, CA, USA  (map)
  • What: OSHbot – autonomous moving shopping assistant robot with visual/verbal recognition system
  • Eligibility: Every shoppers

More info:
Lowe’s Innovation Labs -OSHbot
Feb 27, 2016 USA Today Buzz60 ‘Lowe’s testing robot sales assistants in California store
Feb 16, 2016 Jessica Hullinger  What The Lowe’s Robot Will Do For You–And The Future Of Retail

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