We don’t design robot. Design ‘experience’ with robot.

However brilliant a robot is, it is meaningless if the robot does not allow people to do or experience something desirable in a way that is appropriate to the context in which the robot is used.


Robots are not purpose, but means.  We start from designing experience, test it out in real environment, then help you get concrete feedback to introduce robots.



Let’s change our society into a robot lab!

To bring a robot to the world outside the controlled environment of lab, leads robot developers find complex dynamics of reality, unexpected human reaction, eventually validates usefulness of the robot in real-life context.

Well-designed field trial will help to find valuable application.

As machines get more intelligent, humans also need to learn how to interact with robots.  The more chances we can try out, the better literacy we can develop to live with intelligent machines.

Iterative interaction will let us all get ready for new era.

It is difficult to create appropriate rules and infrastructure for robots without knowing what could happen when human and robots coexist. That is a cruel dilemma for government and authorities.

Non-staged trial will reveal prerequisite for safe and sound operation.


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